ATC Tracking threads

I just wondered if IFC who have ATC tracking threads would like to help each other out by flying patterns for each other.
We all need to practice

You are looking for people with open tracking threads?

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You can simply reply on one’s tracking thread. No need to make a separate topic asking who wants to do patterns.

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I’m asking if a group of people with ATC tracking threads can come together to help each other out.

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So topic relevant

Wait, so you’re saying on making a group with members of the IFC to take up different ATC operations?

I’m looking to get 5-6 people together who are serious about improving there ATC skills and have an active ATC thread.
So on pre arranged days one member would be ATC while the others put him/her to the test.
We then can rotate on other days.
I hope this makes more sense


Unfortunately, what you say does not exist. There are currently 2 ways to get people fly for you. The one he by creating an ATC Tracking Thread (and staying open for a long period of time, so more and more pilots can join) and the other one is to take the practical IFATC test and then if you fail, you can contact a trainer to schedule training sessions, where 4-5 experienced pilots will help you sharpen your ATC skills. I have seen you complaining for lack of pilots in your ATC Tracking Thread. What I suggest:

  • Stay open for a longer period of time
  • Pre-announce that you are going to open (state when/ ZULU)
  • Try to open as many hours as you can each day. Sometimes people are busy with school, work, family, etc. and they don’t have time to help others out. But I am sure if you keep trying, you will see at least 3-4 pilots join you.

I’m currently do all of the above.
Passed written test and have a Active ATC tracking thread and a trainer.
It’s not always easy to find pilots who will fly those patterns etc.
My trainer is ace but he has a life too.
It’s just an idea I had that we could help each other out.

If anybody is interested pm me.
This can now be closed