ATC tracking thread

Hey everyone I don’t know if this is the right Category for this delete if not allowed

I’m thinking to apply for IFATC but I want to make sure that I’m well prepared but I don’t know how to practice I heard about the ATC tracking thread and I don’t know what is it and how do I do it

Thanks in advance

My question was answered thanks pls delete

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Hi there 👋

Check the post sent by @JetSuperior5192

Hello! We hope to see you one day join our ranks!

As stated, please refer to the post linked by Mateo, as it contains all the pertinent information. Study hard and remember: We all make mistakes, even @DeerCrusher (maybe not Tyler ;) ). What separates a good controller from a great one is their ability to recognize when something goes wrong, how to remedy the situation, and how to implement their new-found knowledge to future situations. Best of luck!

Tracking thread made