Atc tracking thread

Hello there I didn’t know where to put this topic so I put it here now I have been open for ATC for a while and nobody came by the past couple times is there anything I can do?

Have you read through this topic?

Try being active at times when you think people would be available, and you could encourage people who have provided you with feedback to set the topic to “watching” or you could simply notify them. They could then attend and help you build on the previous feedback.


I have an atc tracking thread but what I meant is nobody is coming around I have commented so it can be on the recent posts but nothing

Then you can try to follow what I said above :)

You could possibly create a group PM to encourage people to come.

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You can have a look at this post:

Be patient. I’m sure a few people will come along soon


I would wait for a while and nothing

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Is there anything I could do?

I always open because I am going to sign up for IFATC and I need people to help me if I had a mistake controlling their plane

Just gotta wait for more people to come. One person giving valuable feedback is more important than trying to get more people in your airspace. You just need to be patient and grow a base of people who can frequently come to your sessions and we love to see you grow as a controller. All you need to do is be patient, I’m sorry but there is not theta much more to it.

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Okay thank you I will start giving more time for people to find my atc thread

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Answered above