ATC Tracking Thread @ ZWWW

Simply helping my friend who is preparing to apply for IFATC post this topic.
He’s controlling GT at Training Server ZWWW.
An hour

for how long?

He said for an hour

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Please ping me when you’re open! 😄

Opening in a few minutes @Henrik003

Are you open?

closed now

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Make sure your ATC tracking thread follows the #atc rules.

a) Add “[CLOSED]” to the thread title when you are no longer open.

b) Are you actively in official training? You cannot have a tracking thread until assigned an IFATC trainer—which comes after application.



Sorry. But just post this for my friend. I’m currently an IFATC.

Oops, sorry Davis!

Nonetheless, does your friend satisfy (b)?

No. It’s my bad.

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