ATC tracking thread question

how do other people with an atc tracking thread get people to come and for 2 times nobody has come to it ive only had one person come to my thread mods or fellow ifc members pls dont flag this post i just wanna know

Lots of factors I suppose;

  • Time of the day
  • What day you choose to open your Freqs in TS; Fridays may not attract users because of FNF.

Someone can add to this, this is all I can think of why you don’t get people in your sessions.

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bro i opened at 1pm bst

They might be busy?

Like @Usman_A mentioned above,

now ima close it

The best option to get pilots to come is to get yourself a Trainer if you want to join IFATC. They advertise their sessions in various ways (even by writing poems sometimes!) to get you the pilots you need. Check out this thread to see if you qualify:

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Another thing to add is to open for at least 30 mins, and when I had a tracking thread I opened in the late afternoon/ evening for BST asthis attracted more pilots. Don’t open at hotspots such as EGLL or KLAX, I found different places such as PGUM or KSMF attracted quite a few pilots.

Bro I opened for more than an hour

Hi, that happens to everyone. Just be patient. People will come if they want :)

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My bad - sorry I missed that. The best thing to do is to get a trainer like @Maxim said, the participants will be qualified IFATC so feedback will be accurate and tailored for you to pass the practical test.

Edit: I think you have to contact a recruiter and have attempted the written test and scored a minimum % in order to qualify for training

bro i contacted @Dean.Gibson yesterday im awaiting a response

He isn’t a IFATC recruiter.

no hes a trainer

You can’t contact trainers directly. There’s a google form to fill out in the post Maxim linked.

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He isn’t an active trainer either, you aren’t supposed to directly PM trainers, have you filled out the form?

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no i havent done the written yet

Then why are you contacting trainers? Please read the instructions in post 6 of this thread to help you get started, thanks.


sorry didnt know u had to do the written

Bro I saw @Luke_King-kong had his atc thread with a couple of people join in like a couple mins

Hey, that was about 25 minutes ago. You just need to wait, somedays no one comes. Other days you could get 10+. Just wait :)