ATC Tracking Thread category tag

So I was thinking, we could make a tag for atc tracking threads, since we made one for atc schedules recently, what do you think?

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I think thats a great idea but that would be up to the mods.

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Another tag that is a good idea is an update tag for the announcements category

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What is a pen update??

Oh wow, I hate typing on my ipad, just a typo

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Ahh. I see maybe change this to the feature category?

No, since this pertains to the forum itself, not the game, it belongs in the Meta category

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Though it really is up to moderator discretion

I’d love that. Kind of like #atcschedule.

Exactly! Thats what I was thinking

Duplicate topic :-)

Read the second paragraph in Tag Notifications in this and you will see why.

ATC Tracking Thread, not ATC Schedule.

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I believe that you missed this.

This is not a duplicate. I specifically only requested for the ATC Schedule tag. I was simply giving an example in that section of the request. This request is fine.

RIP your inbox if you set #atc to watching… I did that for a while. It would be nice to track just the tracking threads and see them all in one place and/or hide them if you don’t want to see them.


We probably wont need tags for every type of topic/thread. Baby steps and depending on how the tags work out, I’m sure staff will start expanding the usage of them.