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So I was on approach into Melbourne and the air traffic controller told me to contact Mebourn Tower which I did. So I contacted them and told them that I was on final but they didn’t reply. And approach kept telling me to contact them which I did over 10 times so I decided to leave because I know if I landed without permission from tower I would get ghosted. So someone please help me.

PM the ATC controller to see if he could hear you.

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Prehaps you had communication issues. Its a know issue.

should have Squawked 7500


I think I did because it has happened to me more than once

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Definitely communication issues. Try uninstalling IF and re installing it.

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Can i ask what your callsign was?

I recommend contacting the controller that was active and they will get back to you when they have the time and help you resolve the situation.

YMML tower was/is @MannyG i believe.

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@Jet_Aviationxx @Trio had handed you over to tower but you never switched


Delete this message, it’s off topic and its just his IFC 1 year anniversary.

My call sign is N1WB

Well I went into the tower frequency and I told them that I was on final and i did click send and switch when he told me to switch to tower frequency

Also take into consideration that they are extremely busy today. I would PM the controller as well.

I had a problem with the approach telling me to contact the one for incoming north then I did and was told to contact the other one again and then descend and maintain 5,000 which I did, then I was told to follow instructions or ill be ghosted out of nowhere 😨I wasn’t doing anything wrong at all and followed instructions accurately. A short while later I was told to climb and maintain 5000… was at 5000

Weird happenings. Funny bc I was JUST talking to a friend about this.

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You obviously had a connection issue, I knew you did after I issued you to change frequency the second time. Both me and tower knew you had a comm issue and were going to allow you to land. If anyone has this problem on final a good idea would be to quit your flight. If you have any other questions please PM me. Thanks!

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