ATC Tower to Radar Handoff Question

When I am controlling at LGA and my aircraft has just did wheels up 🛫 if Departure for JFK or approach is open do I tell my pilot to contact them or stay on my frequency

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Just a frequency change approved would be fine. Since you have no communication with the JFK departure controller, don’t assume he’ll take traffic from KLGA. :)

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Thanks… I sure don’t want to overload the Departure or approach controller from JFK. Thanks topic can be closed

Why do they contact me when leaving JFK? And they aren’t asking for transition

You’d have to be in contact with the approach/departure controller in order to know whether or not they want the departure. If I was Kennedy Departure, I would in most cases.


Because it’s TS1, and a lot of pilots for some reason have to be on an ATC frequency at all times possible no matter what

Don’t ask me why. 😂


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