ATC Tower Spotting at LFPN

Hello, IFC

Today is the shortest day of the year!

Yesterday, I went to LFPN (Toussus Le Noble) to take some shots of planes because that is what I do. However, due to some unfortunate events, I did not end up at LFPN. I ended up in a rainy, muddy field at 6pm with no more battery in my phone and no bus for another 6km.

Today, I tried again.

I made it!
queue cheering

I went down to Toussus (aka Laura Land) and started going clic clac. I saw some funky planes, then went up to the northern part and saw a MI-8 and a fresh, brand new SR22.

Finally, I went down to the airport restaurant, ate a wok, and then went up to the control tower. The people were super nice, and were having a chocolate eating festival up there. They gave me a chocolate, gave me a tour of the tower, and then gave me the keys to the (usually reserved for maintenance) roof of the building, where I took some more pictures!

Then it started to rain and I covered the camera with a trash bag.

Then it got dark and I went home.

Why am I still speaking?

Here are the pics.

First is a beautiful PC12 going to Germany with a funny music reg

Out of the bushes peeks a wild MI-2, which is there because… actually I have no idea what it’s doing here.

Here is the Cirrus SR22.
The guy then waved for me to go away, which I don’t know is because he was about to taxi by me or if he wanted me to stop taking pictures. However, since there are already numerous pics of this airplane online, including JP, I’ll assume I am in the right to put this image here.

If you or anyone you know have a valid request to take this down or know why it should be taken down, let me know and I will do so.


A wild HELE coming out of the hangar.

Another million-dollar plane leaking millions of euros worth of fuel on the ground

The Velis Electro, one of the first fully electric planes in the world! Also, fun fact; when no throttle is applied, the prop just stops spinning! (It is very quiet)

A savage Socata making prop circles

Some Ramp Action

A stunning Vulcanair taxiing to takeoff

Last but not least,

Ze airport overview!

Thank you for looking at these pics!

Have a nice vacation!

Part 2?




The ATC tower view


You somehow manage to go to some of the coolest places. Teach me your ways.

Lovely pictures as always. I think I’ve seen a plane similar to that Velis Electro, fully electric as well, cool little planes and indeed very quiet.

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I just ask kindly and since I have no self esteem, whenever someone says no, it just bounces right off and doesn’t make me feel bad at all 😂

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“D” first one went “FLAT” out lol

joking, great pics there!

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Dat joke fell FLAT

Jkjk lol i laughed

Thanks :)

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my friend, in the second photo is actually an MI-2 heli

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Yes please we want a part two!

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I knew it!

God how I wish I didn’t have (social) anxiety, just so I could do this.

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Fixed :) thanks

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The first shot + livery is stunning :)

Also love the strobe shot on the Vulcanair 😍


That PC-12 in the first picture is beyond beautiful!! It’s definitely a dream aircraft of mine if I’m ever fortunate enough to own an aircraft! Great job on all the shots!!

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