ATC tower question/suggestion

I was controlling on KLAX and EGLL, (as a lot of people do lol) and I noticed a small issues, and wanted to ask what I’m supposed to do, or if tower could have some more instructions. This is training server btw.

So essentially, I was having a lot of people depart and arrive on the 25s and 24s on KLAX, that’s was my pattern direction. Then, I get a call that someone on 7L was ready for departure, remaining in the pattern. What am I supposed to do in this situation? One I had way too many people using those runways on the other side I was basically never going to be able to clear him, and even if I did he’s going to be in the pattern going the wrong way. That’s why I said maybe there should be a taxi to this runway in contact ground or something for Tower. But I guess usually ground doesn’t send aircraft to the wrong pattern runways.

The other thing that happened was on EGLL, where my pattern direction happened to be the 09s, but usually it’s the 27s. Anyway, I had some planes in the pattern and some departures and arrivals, and then I get two planes coming in from the east, requesting to land on the 27s. I told them to enter the downwind for the 09s, and they wouldn’t, even after multiple requests. What am I supposed to do, let them land? I feel like the tower on the training server should have a please follow instructions like the expert server does.

Anyway thank you for reading my rant, thank you for consideration and have a good day.


If ground sent him to the runway on the other side then you could send a check runway assignment command. However if he doesn’t listen then there’s not much you can.

Sadly the answer is to just let them land, if they don’t follow instructions then sadly again there is nothing you can do.

If any of these pilots had their IFC name linked to their IF account then you could pm them here on the forum and let them know what they did incorrectly.

If your looking for a much better experience with controlling then I recommend you sign up for IFATC which are a group of volunteers who take a written exam and practical to ensure they are ready to control on the expert server. I myself is apart of the team and I have no regrets.

Here is the topic where you can find the details and requirements for applying:

Sorry you had experience that, I know it can be quite frustrating when you have a pilot not willing to listen to your instructions because it messes up your whole plan and causes a lot of conflicts.

Ah that makes sense, yeah. Thank you!

And I’m actually already applied, I passed the written and I’m doing trainings for my practical now, and that’s what I keep telling myself is that the expert server is more of where I want to be. Training server is just that: training

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It’s great to hear that you’ve applied and have passed the first exam. And your more than right, soon you’ll be controlling a completely different type of pilots who are aware that your there and will most of the time listen to everything you tell them.

That’s the hope! ATC and flying in general is more fun when other people actually take it seriously.

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Hey there, if you are training for IFATC, you should open an atc training thread. This way you get serious pilots who want to help you out. My other suggestion is to open at less frequented airports to get fewer trolls.

A training thread? How would I go about that?

A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread there you go!

Thank you!

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