ATC Tower problem KSFO

KSFO tower was staffed but not responding to anyone, really annoying, can anything be done?

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Looks like it’s on Training server, because they don’t have IFATC in their name, so unfortunately not much can be done 😕

I do wish it was punishable though.

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KSFO always gets service by ATC >:(

And it is not always good.
Achieve Grade 3 or higher and you will be on expert with professional ATC that knows what they are doing

But KSFO training server is a big no no

If anything, if you want a good flight, you should go to KSJC instead as it is not always pleasant at KSFO


The training server also went down so that might be why as well

I am grade 3 but there is rarely anyone working ATC on the expert server for whatever reason when I have time to fly.

Well if you want good ATC, you’re going to have to be on expert and go to the areas mentioned on the ATC schedule. If you desire a place to fly to, you most likely would be on unicom unless that area is featured.

If you want ATC and that is the reason why you are on TS, don’t complain about them being bad because anyone grade 2 and higher can be ATC there and it’s mostly not good

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