ATC tower not responding

From 2 to 3 days in expert server when i contact ground ATC they clearly hear me and respond But when i taxi to runway and switch for ATC tower and request departing runway they didn’t respond
I clearly see the ATC tower messages and if any other player (even behind me ) contact the Tower they respond.
My internet connection is good
Even reinstall the App after reading other topics in the forum regarding Atc problem but my problem is not solved.

May I know what network you are using and what is your internet speed? Are you using Wifi or mobile data?

I am from India
Jio 4g

My wifi is 4G
Before 3 days every thing is fine

Schyllberg may help you out with a fix

How i contact Schyllberg

He will reply to this topic and give you a solution.

Ok i will wait
Thanks for help

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You can also alternatively contact

Ok i will email

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