ATC Tower- Incorrect claims

Hey IF Community. I am flying in the London region and the Birmingham Tower would like to give me no tax leave to the active runway. Only to the inactive. But I want to start from the active runway. What can I do? Is there a way to tell the tower how to use ATC?

What server was this

Training 1

I’m struggling to decipher your post.

Also if this is TS1, you can’t really complain about ATC, as anybody can access it. Work your way up to Global and you’ll have professional IFATC controllers :)

Also, just because the runway is red as ‘inactive’, ATC may use it still, it just means that it is not a preffered runway in the weather conditions.

Or as @schyllberg has put it: [quote=“schyllberg, post:5, topic:88138”]
There is nothing wrong about using a red (inactive) runway.


Which runway to use is up to the ATC, not up to you. There is nothing wrong about using a red (inactive) runway.


Don’t expect anything different from ts1 if you want a good experience go on expert if you can. Ts1 atc don’t really know anything about atc unless they are in training to become ifatc but otherwise they won’t know.

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Yes, but it is not the best decision

No professional air traffic controller is going to ask a pilot to take off WITH the wind.


The decision is up to the ATC controller, whether you see it as the right one or not.

EDIT: Anyway, as you can see, it is up to ATC to decide which runway to use. There is nothing you can do if they have told you to taxi to such runway, so don’t keep asking them to taxi to the runway you want.

It depends on how strong the winds are. Runway goes red at pretty low wind speeds in IF.


That’s of course true