ATC Tower Frequency

If you are at FL400 and tower sends you an on guard message, you can ignore it. The only time that you would need to contact tower if just flying over there airport/transition (aka transition) is at or below 5000 ft.


Like said above, training server nothing you can do about it. If on expert a controller on tower in guards you simply ignore it and message him afterwards with some screenshots. Clean and efficient :) hope your day is going well mate

It is called a joke, mate.

I’ve found it best to not make jokes on the internet as they are always misinterpreted

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Towers airspace is definitely not up to FL400. Usually it depends on the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

expert is more perfect but it’s more professional for sure.

180-600 is class A but if you can get yourself above class A you’ll be back in Class E and you won’t have to hear a single person on the radio.

Is it class E or G? I thought it was Golf. Pretty funny above FL600 you can fly VFR again 😂.

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Definitely E. G is surface to 700 or something like that

Doesent the airspace extend to 5000ft for all airports on IF now, or is that something I am imagining?

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Yes, from the ground to 5k AGL.

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14,500 got that mixed up with echo my bad.

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FTFY, don’t worry about a thanks lol


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