ATC Tower Frequency

When I’m flying 40k feet above an airport and tower tells me I need to change to their freq becauae I’m in active airspace do I need to change to their freq? Ita my understanding most airports airspace is below 8k feet and me being at 40k im not in their airspace


Which server was this on? If it is TS1 you really can’t complain. They probably looked at your plane without seeing the altitude

you should contact them and request transition.

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If he is at FL400 he does not need to request a transition as he is not in that towers airspace.


Airport airspace depends on their class c/d airpace goes to 4000 and B goes all the way up to 12000 in some cases. Class A go up to even higher.

You don’t need to do that. Not in Towers airspace

i guess…thats true

Absolutely not Center yes tower no way.

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Yes but as you can see he was at FL 400

There are no class A airports in IF at the current moment

I was correcting his understandong that airspace ceilings are all at 8,000ft. Thats why I gave him the class airspace description

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There are no class A airports period

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My apologies that was not made clear to me at the time. The struggles of the internet sigh

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I’m on training yes trying to get flight hours for grade 3 atm I guess that makes sense does advanced server not usually have these issues im just worried about reports for not listening

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Advanced server has zero of these issues and I thoroughly suggest you buckle down and get to grade 3. Trust me once you’re expert you’ll never go back. IFATC are very good at what they do and will rarely if ever make mistakes like this.


If you’re overflying, no.

But plenty of pilots come in way too high. If a pilot has a flight plan filed for my airfield and is coming in for landing, I want to talk to him even though he should be lower.

(I realize you were talking about the former, so, no, you do not require transition at that altitude.)

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What’s the advanced server…?

Old name for the expert server

I know that, but it isn’t called the advanced server.

He called it the advanced server first and it seemed easier to run with it than correct him. And most people would be able to figure it out without making useless posts - if you knew what it was why ask.