ATC Tower -"Cleared for takeoff contact Departure,Center,or Approach at (X) feet."

So the purpose why I’m creating this request is because I want this ATC tower command to tell aircraft that are departing to change frequency after they reached the amount of altitude that the Tower ATC has given them.

So for Example:Tower -Delta10 Cleared for takeoff contact Departure when reached 1,000 feet.

Delta10 -Cleared for takeoff contacting Departure at 1,000 or higher.

This could make it easier for the tower controller because he doesn’t have to wait until the aircraft takeoff to tell him to change frequency.

Thank you so much and I hope to see this in the future. :)

It would be kind of a pain to select the altitude each takeoff. I think it would be better with out the altitude part of the command.


Hmm, I am [pretty] sure this doesn’t exist IRL. Why overcomplicate things?

If it exists IRL, and I was wrong, then ignore what I said above.

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I think I saw a video about a United Airlines pilot taking off from KIAH and the tower control told him to contact departure when he reached 1,000 ft

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I’m pretty sure they tell you to contact departure after takeoff.

I’d personally love to see this, because then departure can immediately start vectoring you.


I have heard this before while tuning to KIAH Tower (**). But I think it may be abit complicated to understand especially for those users in Training Server. But actually, this is an awesome idea! ❤

(**) : I was tuning to KIAH Tower after close call between a Singapore Airlines 77W and Delta A319


If you listen to LiveATC, they generally tell them when to contact. They may tell them before when they should expect it, but they still handoff. But anyway, there’s no need for contact to happen within seconds of wheels up, nor for a longer command process requiring selecting an altitude.

What if at 1000 feet they’re about to turn north into a parallel departure lane? Or they’re doing a departure route taking them back around and over the tower, which plenty of people do? Wheels-up isn’t the last you need to think about that plane.


I mean you could do it originally if you want to or you could do it by just telling him what altitude from 500ft to 2000ft to contact a frequency which could save you time.

They don’t need to worry about training server, they can’t even follow instructions when you ask them what runway you expect when they push back.

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We sometimes do “Singapore 870, cleared for takeoff at runway 02C, winds calm, cleared for 3000ft” in VATC
Then we report in at 3000ft before we are cleared to contact Singapore Approach.

Its usually used when traffic is calmer cos then twr can track your position before handing you off

I think the current priority is for people to know how to use Departure/Approach properly first haha


Feature request is not realistic. Tower will generally not tell you to contact a frequency upon reaching a specified altitude. If you had made this request to have tower give a heading assignment with the t/o clearance now we’re talking realism.


What I’m saying is the command would be more realistic if it was “ExecJet 1111, runway 28R, Cleared for takeoff, Contact departure on 123.4” or “ExecJet 1111, runway 28R, Cleared for takeoff, Turn right/left heading ###, contact departure on 123.4”

Yeah but what if the tower controller don’t want the pilot to contact other frequency once he stop touching the ground?

Instead he could tell him at what altitude or how many minutes after takeoff he could contact departure.

Well you could have it like the current pushback command - you can choose to include the altitude or not

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Yeah that’s just what I’m talking about

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We get the concept.

But a freq change in IF, where pilots are not departing flying published procedures, but instead doing pretty much anything you can think of, at a certain altitude is eschewing responsibility for your airspace (unless you only use the top of your airspace, which doesn’t seem to be your goal, but instead to expedite the point at which you can start ignoring them).

If you’re at EGLL and you tell someone on 27L to contact at 1000, then he turns due north into the path of someone on 27R, what are you going to do? They’re gone. Extend upwind is no more.

This seems more useful for tower controllers who think the plane ceases to be their problem the second there’s a breeze between gear and runway.