ATC Tower building

[I know, now FDS is working about Global Flight, I mean after that, FDS could start this project]

What do you think if FDS make first the ATC Tower building (with interior and external) and then other 3D buildings? Because controlling in nothing is a little sad, it could be very nice if we will have some monitors and windows!

What do you think?


Sounds great.

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That idea sounds great. But that project is a very large one. Think about it, towers for every single towered airport, and working moniters on all of them. But if FDS could pull it off, it would be alsolutey stunning.


Really great idea @Mattia_Bordoni!

I Think that it’s too run memory… It will be fantastic on a PC version not in a mobile one… mine will explode 😁👌


I think working gauges in cockpits would come first before this too. One its more important and two it can be used as a platform to test the technology required to do this

Ahh, @Davidson2000 , if you want IF more realistic this is a little important think 😂😉

Maybe, it’s better non-working monitors, because now it’s like this on the airplanes too

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Just putting it out there. Maybe you could login in via a desktop/ computer version of IF for only ATC , and control aircraft from there … ?


Oh Yeah, that’s nice but where FDS can find the time? 😂

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Not sure , that is why they get paid the big bucks to figure stuff like that out !

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EH, it isn’t so easy 😂

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It’s not that easy but I know Fds can make it possible in the future. I remember when before the 787 update my phone couldn’t handle any settings on high but after the 787 update with all the optimizations, I have almost all settings on high with anti aliasing off,and my if runs like a charm. What I am trying to say is that with optimizations and with the rate at which phones are becomong more powerful, this can become a reality along with many other things. Let’s keep it a little simple for now…

Yes, it’s that I mean, technology is constantly growing, so IF could be become the most perfect Flight Sim in the world!

It’s already climbing the ranks and fast friend. So soon if will take over the world…😉😂

well this is a shoddy idea XD ATC towers are marvels of design in their own right there are thousands of different designs for each

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I like the idea of having the air traffic control tower. Just having the single tower should not take up as much memory. I think the other buildings are a bit much though.

Or maybe without a building but only not working monitors when doing ATC. I think this would be easier for FDS because working instruments seem to be difficult to develop.

thats true

Please search before posting. ATC tower is a building too. And it’s in 3D