ATC Tower and Ground open at Quad City International Airport (closed)

It’s been a while since I was an Air Traffic Controller, so I would like anyone who is open, to come to the beautiful Chicago region and visit the wonderful city of Quad City and help me train as an ATC(Grnd and Twr). that is if anyone is interested :)

Training Server 1
KMLI- Quad City

Feedback is essential for me to get better. I am thinking about being IFATC, and if a Mod can come alomg, it would be a rather great experience :)

I will come but I cant give you feedback as I am not an ATC scouter or recruiter

You don’t have to be a Scouter to give feedback. General Feedback is also appreciated

You can tell them things they are doing wrong you just can’t teach them the correct way.

You need to work on sequencing

You need to sequence me as #2 the traffic I was following was on left base.


Good:Cleared me for the option each time…

Work on: I announced full stop and you cleared me for the option…Also try and not use the command “roger”. You dont need to specify which way my patterns are each time unless you need me too make a different pattern. Right hand patterns are understoond as soon as you clear me for takeoff and say “Make right traffic”.

I try and made that as general feedback


Someone came in from IFATC, I forgot who he was, thanks for the feedback :) One thing I do need to know is how to change runways :/

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I was also there for IFATC. I just dont like to use the nametag bc I like to keep it on the low


Oh, don’t be afraid to show your an IFATC :). Experienced controllers help me learn more about how to properly be an ATC user :)

I’m not. I cant fit IFATC into my name or else it would be in it. Anyways, I hoped you learned somethings

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Thanks for coming @N1RG

No problem. Always glad to help out a fellow Infinite FLighter

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The option includes t&d stop and go and also full stops ;)

I learned that a few days ago from Tyler ^^

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I am aware but usually when you announce inbound for a full stop, you are cleared to land


Did he clear you for the option before you annonced full stop?

Nope. I called inbound full stop before he cleared me for the option

Moot point each is correct. Landing clearance after full stop is preferred over the option but neither would be wrong.


Next time you will do a ATC session I will be there. I will test your skills if the traffic allows it of course 😈

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Quad cities stands for four cities actually: Moline, Davenport, Bettendorf and Rock Island. Hope you enjoyed MLI!

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If you ever happen to be on Quad city approach on live atc , you will hear a few people(myself included ) refer to them as THE Quad City approach “mornin, afternoon, evening… level so and so direct so and so” they love that and get a quick crack out of them. Great group of guys there.

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