ATC tower altitude commands

hi, i cant seem to find the altitude commands in tower mode, please advise

You can only use heading and altitude commands as well as speed commands when controlling approach, departure or center. Tower only has “descend to pattern altitude”.

ok, i understand that in reality, but its needed in cases other stations are not occupied…

In my eyes IF is very realistic and so on. Adding altitude commands to tower wouldn’t be great since tower never assigns altitudes other than in some cases to departing traffic. If you really want to give airplanes altitude, you should try to control approach.

handeling a VFR circuit requires altitude commands, eaither way i understand the games limmits.

Wouldn’t be hard to incorporate though, why do you want altitude commands when on tower btw?

right now i’m ground and tower at KONT , theres no approach station occupaid, half an hour ago i had some head on traffic flying arround (pilots tja didnt understand circuit commands), in real life i would have solved it with altitude commands, in the game my solutions were limmited.

Enter downwind/base/straight in + sequencing followed by descend to pattern altitude?

Don’t see the problem tbh.

a pilot in disorientation needs simple commands. right,left,up,down + altitude.
i can handle the game as it is though it lacks simple commands.

Wait wait wait, you are saying it lacks simple commands?

Not true at all. If you have played a while on the free flight, or have IRL experience you know what a traffic pattern is, you know what each command means. All those under nimrods are just not willing to learn, they just wanna troll.

But as one man once said, if you are determined to learn no one can stop you, if you are not willing to learn no one can help you.

Back to the question though. I think descend to pattern altitude is a very easy command. Hard to misunderstand.

Even if you don’t understand what pattern means you can still figure out “descend” and “altitude”.

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i know the commands from real work, i played on the playground and not on the advanced server, so i guess its got to do with unexperienced pilot players…
BTW what command combination u use in the game when someone is on a wrong final?

What do you mean, when they’re approaching the wrong runway when you told them to land on another one?

correct, a pilot annouced approaching final to runway 08 when i had 3 planes on final to runway 26 , no matter how many times i asked him to go left downwind to 26 he continued on 08 final. i also used go arround wich made the whole thing worse cause then i had a B737 flying threw 3 finals head on…

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:) i noticed…