ATC Tour on Training Server [Global] V2

As many of you in the community may have noticed, ATC on TS2 is mostly at a few large airports (KJFK, KLAX, EGLL). Therefore, most of the traffic is centred around these airports. Unicom is used at so many large airports that usually have ATC service.

To allow traffic for more airport around the world, I will be hosting a ATC Server. I or anyone who signs up can control an airport at set time. Then, pilots can fly into these airports with ATC coverage.

Below you will find the schedule for this ATC World Tour(more cities to come):

Format [ICAO TIMEZ DDMMMYYYY - @username]

CYVR 1900Z 03MAR2018 - @HockeyMan06
KDFW 2030Z 03MAR2018 - @HockeyMan06
CYYT 2200Z 05MAR2018 - @HockeyMan06
CYYZ Don’t know yet MAR2018 - @flyme2bluemoon

In the comments below, you can request a city or sign up to control. Your support is greatly appreciated. Also, advice is welcomed. If you cannot make it, please notify me ASAP.

This is like an ATC tracking thread but the cities are put up in advance so pilots can plan ahead. Also, as this is a community effort, hopefully we can explore more places around the world and see more traffic to these cities…

So like the TSATC’s schedule? 🤨


Sort of but anyone who signs up can control. Also, a controller is assigned in advance.


Could you add CYYT to it?

Also I will control:
CYVR 1900Z 03MAR2018
KDFW 2030Z 03MAR2018

I will also control CYYT 2200Z 03MAR2018

Can you do it on a different date?

I may be able on the 5th

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