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Hi, If I pass to an active airport (JUST PASS THE ACTIVE ATC AIRPORT), should i contact the ATC or no? Thanks

Requesting transition depending on altitude I think

No, if your in cruise there is no need to contact any atc. Welcome to the community

Here is a helpful diagram from one of the infinite Flight tutorials, Transitions are mainly for GA aircraft but you can perform them in any aircraft. If you are in the controllers airspace (under 5000) ASL then you can request a transition to avoid going around the airspace. Hope this helps!



Everyone above has answered the question of contacting Tower correct-ish. You should not contact Tower unless you are 5,000ft AGL. For example, if the airport elevation is 4,000ft and you are flying at 6,000ft — you must request transition through the airspace as you are only 2,000ft AGL.

May I also add that you should not contact any radar services (Departure/Approach) above 18,000ft AGL. This means that, for example, if you are flying only 15,000ft above terrain that is 2,000ft high, you should contact radar services as you are flying at 17,000ft AGL.

AGL: Above ground level. This takes into account the height of terrain below your aircraft.
MSL: Mean sea level. This is the altitude between your aircraft and then sea, without taking into account terrain.

Edit; @Sashaz55 has given you a great diagram, just change its meaning from 5,000ft MSL to 5,000ft AGL!



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