ATC tomorrow

what large airports are IFATC gonna be at tomorrow?

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besides the ones on the schedules or near them

Take a look at the IFATC schedule. There are some large airports tomorrow.

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There wouldn’t be any airports open tomorrow unless every single one is staffed already for the Expert Server.

Otherwise, these airports would be open:

Wednesday: Macau (VMMC), Hangzhou (ZSHC), Guilin (ZGKL), Hohhot (ZBHH), Jinan (ZSJN), Zhengzhou (ZHCC)
Featured Airline: EVA Air

The featured airport for the week RCTP

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would hong kong be open tomorrow?

It may, if every other airport on the schedule is opened already.

And this is what it will be on TS.
Tokyo (RJAA), Osaka (RJBB), New Chitose (RJCC), Fukuoka (RJFF)
Featured Airline: Japan Airlines


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Look at IFATC schedule but just for now ZSPD ZBAA …

Thats so wrong Josh…funny, but wrong

How do you see that?

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Please reference the pinned ATC schedule put together each week.