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So I’m just looking for an idea of where I have the best chances of ATC coverage tomorrow. There are quite a few airports on the expert server schedule for tomorrow, does anyone have any idea at all which airport is most likely to have Approach, Rower and Ground frequencies active for most of tomorrow. I get that it’s the controller’s choice where he/she decides to go, but I would expect controllers to go mostly for the busier airports. So what I’m basically asking is, which airport on tomorrows schedule is likely to have the most traffic?

i know but do you have a confirmed answer from IFATC?

no but that’s where you can expect to get ATC service tomorrow

Every controller has their own preference and personal favorites to open so it will vary. Sydney and Melbourne will most likely be your best bets, but you will have to check in throughout the day. The beauty of it is to go to new airports, so enjoy whichever airports are open!

The question is where is IFATC going to be on Tuesday long enough for pilots to reach them and land


Exactly sir

Probably the major international airports, I can assure you thought that Queenstown NZ will most likely have ATC as us IFATC love the approach into there.

The main airports like Sydney (YSSY), Melbourne (YMML) and Auckland (NZAA) are going to be your best bet.


ok thanks!

You never know for sure as it’s a voluntary service provided by IFATC controllers. Nonetheless presence at the feautured airport and the first in the list for the day is the most likely.

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