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So I’m just looking for an idea of where I have the best chances of ATC coverage tomorrow. There are quite a few airports on the expert server schedule for tomorrow, does anyone have any idea at all which airport is most likely to have Approach, Rower and Ground frequencies active for most of tomorrow. I get that it’s the controller’s choice where he/she decides to go, but I would expect controllers to go mostly for the busier airports. So what I’m basically asking is, which airport on tomorrows schedule is likely to have the most traffic? Or should I just wait for the FNF announcement?

Wait for the announcement


Tomorrow’s ATC schedule is already available here:

You can guarantee Memphis (KMEM) and Louisville (KSDF) will stay manned throughout, as they’re the primary FedEx and UPS hubs!


So is Memphis going to be the primary hub of most flights tomorrow? Sorry but I know almost nothing about either FedEx or UPS.

Yes, sir. This is the primary hub that I’d imagine most controllers will open first before anything else :)


Ok, thanks for the advice :)
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