ATC To Pay a little more attention to people taxing

So I’m taxing to RN 17R at Arturo Merino Benitez Intl. Anyways there was a TAM Airlines in like a intersection and I had the right of way and right before I got to the intersection he goes full blast to cut me off and he was hitting turns going like 34 knts

(I can’t add photos but I have some)


Hey mate!

I advise you to contact the controller with any concerns, questions, or inquiries as only they can answer to the most accurate extent. If I’m not mistaken, @MisterRaf is the current ground controller.

Safe travels!


I’m the current controller (ground) at SCEL now, do we have a concern? Feel free to PM me.


Good feedback! Ground certainly isn’t a passive position where you can issue a clearance and forget about them. I’ll keep encouraging a more proactive presence!


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