ATC to KMCO (apology)

Hello everyone,
About 1 hour and 30mins ago I opened at KMCO, expert. To later find myself having a power outage. Sucks to Be me. Anyway, I thought I exited the game, but apparently didn’t.
So if I didn’t respond to messages for a bit, I am sorry, hope I didn’t effect anyone. I’ll try to double check next time.
Once again, sorry and happy flying!


Well we all make mistakes but we learn from them so I’m sure you did not do it intentionally I’m sure it was accidental 😉🙂

Everyone makes mistakes and that wasn’t your fault! Don’t worry about it.


Hey Oliver,

I just was on the ILS 36R ( United 744 Heavy ) and handed over from APP to TWR,when this happened…

  • called TWR ,inbound on the ILS 36R, passing 2800’
  • called TWR second time passing 600’
  • still no landing clearance at 200’ , also vis was only 1/4SM, Go Around!
  • transmitted “going around” , no response, so what, followed the missed approach procedure
  • while flying the left turn transmitted one more time following missed approach.
  • then looked if APPR was still on, funny thing was seeing TWR still online it cost quiet an effort to switch freq, without permission :) , but i decided to better get a warning for switching then flying around without establishing radio contact . And then APPR vectored me nicely back to the
    ILS for RWY36L where i, already planning for a second go around if i would not have seen the runway lights at 200’ , landed.

Lucky to hear that you are ok and the reason for the silence was a power outage and not some health issues :)


It happens man! It’s all good 👍🏻

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