ATC to be able to designate a runway active/closed on map

So controlling an airport with no ground frequency (tncm). I notice aircraft trying to taxi to runway 28 or beginning an approach to 28 instead of 10 when the wind is showing 28 as the more ideal runway with just a 3-5 knot wind. Since we can’t instruct them to taxi to 10 and on training servers it’s grade 1-2 that are technichally doing what is right, it would be a easy way to communicate which runway is in use. Or for other airports for aircraft planning a flight plan when approach isn’t active.


We would need ATIS for that, but it’s being reworked.


Tell them to hold short of runway 10, most will understand what ur trying to do


hasnt that been in rework for a while now?

It has but I think Tyler or Mark said recently that it won’t be coming back anymore.

That’s what I have been doing. Seems to be working for the most part.

Good to hear👍🏻if they don’t act on that correctly send a line up and wait and then the hold short.

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