ATC Tips on Loading Page

While we all love the amazing screenshots that pop up every time we are loading up to spawn into our next flight, one of the things that I think would be beneficial to the whole Infinite Flight community as a whole is one or two ATC tips on the loading page that users can see. Something as simple as “ATC Tip of the Week: Do not request takeoff remaining in the pattern if you are departing an airport” -I realize that not everyone knows about the community forums and not everyone has a Facebook account to be on IFFG or Infinite Flight’s page. However, the ONE thing we all have in common regardless of the user is the loading screen when we’re waiting to spawn. One tip a week I think can really start helping newer pilots that don’t understand basic fundamentals of ATC while also giving veteran pilots a refresher, specially those that decide to go into the advanced server.


WHY haven’t we thought of this yet!! This is amazing!

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What is wrong with all of us? I can’t believe nobody thought of this either!


Wow good idea. By the way, I get so frustrated with ‘people’ saying “remaining in the pattern” and then departing. If this feature was added it might would help with some issues like that.

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Smart idea, @art_martinez.

Tips for Playground noobs :)

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Excellent idea. I had the same thought.

  • Remaining in the pattern - Obvious pet peeve.
  • Transition - No need for a transition at 33k feet.
  • Taxi to the runway. This does not mean enter the runway.
  • Frequency change.
  • Going around - Since joining advanced, I have seen this misused many times by pilots who are trying to tell me “I’m transitioning, not landing at your airport.” Very odd.
  • When we say “turn left exit runway, cross runway xx, contact ground” That does not mean you need to ask to cross runway xx again.

This is a great idea! Even if it doesn’t reduce mistakes on the advanced server it will still teach a lot of users new knowledge, which is even better.

Yeah I was controlling at KTPA on advanced yesterday and this guy said going around at 9,000 feet and several miles to the west of the airport. I told him check help pages. Then a few hours later someone DM’d me with a screenshot showing that he had complained!

I took care of that for you. He was on right downwind, it’s a command we’re used to hearing on short final only so when someone announces it on right downwind, its obvious were going to send them a check help pages command.


That’s a great idea. You could also put a message on the crash screen. Something along the line of

If You Need Assistance Please Visit For Tutorials

It might help drive traffic here.