ATC Tips: How to prepare and pass your IFATC Practical Test

Welcome to this #atc topic. As you may know, if you want to be on the IFATC team, you have to pass two tests: the Written Test and the Practical test, the ticket to IFATC. In this topic I’ll share some tips which will help you to not only pass your practical test, but Ace it!

Note: these tips are opinion based.

How to prepare for the Practical Test?

  1. Study the manual. It will help you a lot, especially on the Written test. Once you pass the written test, you can do what you’ve learned in ATC sessions, and you will be prepared for the test in no time.

  2. Practice and improve. Open some airports to practice your skills and if you want people to come, open an ATC Tracking Thread and let the pilots come. In there, you have more chances to practice your awareness, clearences and sequences. Usually, some IFATC members will come, test you and leave feedback. To improve, use your feedback left by the pilots and aknowdelge the mistakes and correct them. With that, you will be prepare to kill the practical in no time.

If you don’t know how to do a Tracking Thread, check out this guide left by @Sashaz55. It’s really useful:

Also, our IFATC Recruiter @Shane made a useful guide on correcting some common mistakes. It will help you a lot!

  1. Don’t open big HUB Airports: These airports like EGLL, KLAX, LFPG, KJFK or KMIA, should not be opened when practicing your skills. Seriously… you will recieve hungry people, and the food is called Troll. Obviously, you don’t want to see the show with 2 planes flying through each other, trolling, or not following instructions, right? (Unless you have fun, which happens) By the way, one thing that is sure: a troll is inevitable, at any airport, at any server (including the Expert Server). But when preparing for the test, don’t open those big hubs, and you will have less chance of being trolled.

  2. Control your nerves. Always stay calm. This is a golden Tip for me. Always stay calm when controlling. Getting nervous can lead you to several mistakes, converting your session from “good” to “bad”. So don’t be nervous, stay calm and treat is as a normal session. Anyways, Infinite Flight is just a simulator, but the IFATC is something we would like to be part of.

If you want to get sure you are prepared for the test… check out “the perfect ATC Test” on YouTube by the ATC Manager Tyler_Shelton:

Now, once you have passed the Written Test, mastered your ATC skills and dominated the nerves, you’ll think that you are ready for the Practical Test. Are you so? Here I have some tips to pass it :)

Tips to pass the IFATC Practical Test:

  1. Don’t get nervous. Don’t let your nerves dominate. Always stay calm and don’t be afraid of your commands. You practiced hard for it, and you know how to manage the traffic, so winning your nerves is a great step to pass.

  2. Treat the Test as another normal session. Think that is another session, and think that the pilots are just random people who want to bombard your airspace admire your controller skills. This is a Gold Tip from anyone that passed the test.

  3. Trust your skills. Don’t be afraid on your decisions. Just trust yourself and don’t be afraid on your commands. You trained hard for it, and that will make your life easier ;)

  4. Always look out for possible conflicts. This is a great way to improve your awareness, and with that you can plan and find a resolution to the conflict. This is a great way to have the pattern organized and get the planes safe.

  5. Don’t mind the users who are testing you. This is another way to avoid the panic during the test, not being curious about the users who are testing you. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is testing you… It doesn’t matter if a moderator is testing you… It doesn’t matter if G-MISH is testing you… or Tyler… just ignore the usernames and focus on the pattern and callsigns. It will make your test more easier ;)

That’s all, the rest is on you, but if you follow these tips, you will pass the test! Im pretty sure it will work since it worked for me, and I would like to help those with the interest on joining the ATC team.

Wanna apply for IFATC? Check out this thread and follow the steps to apply. We are more than happy seeing more people with the intention to expand the team!

IFATC Recruiting Topic

Happy landings, and always happy to help :)


If I could also add on a little bit of advice as a IFATC Trainee:

Be Proactive, not Reactive. Always be scanning the skies for possible collisions or various strategies. Always try to Anticipate what airplanes may request and be prepared. Double, Triple Check the aircraft you have and ensure that they have the correct clearances/instructions. This is honestly the best way to avoid mistakes.


This is a tip that everyone gives, and that is something we have to do when controlling :)

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Pro tip: the practical test will most likely to cover everything in tyler’s video 😬


Well, the test video has the content. This topic in question is about tips ;)

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