ATC Timetable on Expert Server

Upon the release of Global over the past few days which i am currently really enjoying, it is really hard to plan flights to an airport where there will be an ATC controlling which will in turn drive traffic to the airport. Understandably IFATC are busy and only control an airport for 1 or 2 hours at a time which means spawning in from an airport within close proximity and then flying in.

My proposal therefore is to have some sort of IFATC timetable which is available to general IF users so that we are able to plan flights so that when we arrive there will be an IFATC controlling.

Therefore if i know that a controller will be at EGLL (or surrounding airports) at 1900Z, i would know to depart from an airport four hours away (e.g. Athens) at 1500Z.

Anyway just an idea! Sorry if i haven’t written it out very well.

Really enjoying Global though and hope to see you in all in the skies.

We have something similar internally but in regards to this there may be something that will stick depending on how he next few days go. Likely after the android release.

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I would like this. I hope other do too.
For now I’m just going to annouce it on the community a few Hours before.

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This wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If you think planning your flights is hard, try planning someone else’s entire day around your flights.