ATC Timelapse at LAX

Timelapse Showing Ground Movement At LAX

LAX ATC Session - YouTube

This is a small timelapse that I made from my recent ATC session at LAX. It shows the traffic that built up and dispersed and built up again. I thought it was cool to see the traffic patterns.

This was filmed at LAX on the Expert server. I was controlling ground at that time.

I hope you guys enjoy and let me know if I should continue making these.


Nice work! I’ve thought about recording my ATC sessions as well, but never have. It’s fun watching over it like this!

Keep it up! :)


Really nice time-lapse.
It’s fun some random planes flying over the airport or some plane suddenly disappearing while landing seems they had some crash landing and quitting :)


There was one plane I noticed that lagged across the whole airport.

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Looks beautiful and shows the effort involved in quality control of a busy airport like lax.


Nice video! Very intriguing, great job on controlling LAX, I know it can get very busy on the ground & air. ;)


Totally love this clip, very well done.
The single camera position, entire slip shot from one place, speed, music: brilliant.

KSFO next? 😉

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Maybe, I was thinking of doing this if I control at FNF or at a big event like the Pacific Series

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Great work @The_Geniusman - I also controlled that day and it is great seeing the way people made decisions at a larger scale. It would be neat seeing this for other airports in the future because it can help people control! I like the music too. One suggestion would be to block out the planes flying overhead >10k ft which is in the cogwheel/display settings.


I think having the planes overhead adds to it but I’ll give it a shot.

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