ATC through LiveFlight Connect issues


Sorry, bit of a “noob question” here, but searched through support to see any fixes or reasons for my issues and couldn’t find one. If there is one, apologies…

But I am trying to get LiveFlight connect to work through ATC control (not in flight) and can not seem to have any luck with controls through my MacBook. I have LiveFlight connected to my iOS (iphone 6s) and it works in flight fine. However, when I try to run ATC, it does not issue any commands when using my keyboard.

There seems to be some relay, as I’ll hit a button and it will randomly issue a command, but not the one associated with what I was intending to send. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, and have gone through the setup pages on LiveFlights site as well as the pages in Support on IFC with no luck thus far

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All support inquiries regarding LiveFlight Connect is to be handled via

I’m sure they can help you out!
Good luck!