ATC: The Cold Call.

Hi IFC, Lately Ive got in some pretty good discussions about how too call up ATC asking for services. Some pilots I talk too say give them a cold call but others say call them and tell them what you want. So, what is the cold call. A cold call is basically calling your ATC facility and telling them your type of aircraft and tail number. Here is an Example: “Little Rock Approach, Skyhawk 5194F.” In the US, the N is understood. With this call, they will usually respond. "Skyhawk 5194F Little Rock Approach, “Go ahead”. After that, proceed with your request. The request should follow this format: Who, What, Where. So, the who is your aircraft and tail number such as Skyhawk 5194F. The what is what you wanna do. So for example, request flight following to Hot Springs at 4,500. The where is your location from a surrounding airport. For example: Skyhawk 5194F is 7 Southeast of Searcy, SRC. After that they will respond with a squawk code and a altimeter setting for the local area.

Tell me how if your a pilot or student pilot even ATC which type of call you prefer.

Well, we personally call them we were just taught that at my ground school. I have not tried a cold call I will have to try that.

I mostly use cold calls to flight service to let them know if I’m using an RCO or HIWAS frequency. For approach I usually just give them my altitude, as my squawk and clearance is done on the ground. Just streamlines everything. Sometimes I’ll get a “Ident, say altitude” after a cold call, so I try to minimize any need to do that.

personally call them how?

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