ATC Tests

I understand at this time that written exams are not being given out and so therefore there is not much point in any want to be controllers taking the practical test.
However If any Want to be controllers would like to have a practice or mock practical exam to ensure they are 100% ready for the real test then I’m perfectly willing to offer one. Better to be prepared!
If you are good I might recommend to the Recruitment Team that they make you a priority when choosing who to test.
This will also hopefully ease the workload the Official Recruitment Team will have when conducting real tests as recruits should know what they are doing!
So anybody up for it!


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so, i understand that u have influence in the atc group! is any price to pay for an easy acces?

Hi-What excactly do you mean?

hy, nothing else then what u mean sir! any recomandation from u comes as an priority?

If any recomemdation comes from any level advanced controller then it could possibly be “fast tracked” to a recruitment officer 😀

Any Advanced Controller of any level obviously has some level of influence in the community but I specifically am quite highly regarded amongst want to be controllers because of the training and practice tests that I give them to help them prepare for their real test’s. So I do have more people behind me than your average person😀

thanks sir, its all clear now! finally i understand! drive safe and safe flights!

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OK-Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions😉