ATC Testing Update

This was written by @Zach_Hazen

Hello to all pilots! This is post is to update you all on our current status regarding ATC applications. We are very close to resuming ATC testing and should be starting back up again fairly soon! With that being said please keep these few things in mind:

  • Passing the theory and practical test does NOT mean that you become a controller. We look for maturity, how you handle yourself on any of the community pages, including the forum, and respectful to other players. Being an ATC is a privilege and we want to make sure all of our ATC on the advanced server are doing the above to make sure you get excellent service.
  • When we do starting, also know that only the following people are authorized Points of contacts for theory testing:








Anyone not listed above will not count and therefore will not be able to test you. Also we ask that, until we start testing again, please do not spam any one of the controllers with messages asking to be tested. Spamming us with messages like “I would like to be ATC” isn’t going to help you in any case. And also please know that as much as everyone wants to be ATC, ATC isn’t for everyone. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of time. -Another big issue I’ve been seeing is when testing candidates is lack of issuing landing clearances, sequencing pilots, and using the wrong command. Please be very comfortable with ATC commands and understand what each and every one means before applying for ATC. It makes it easier on us and you 😀 We will make another post when we resume testing. Until then keep practicing! Happy controlling!

PS. I, (@dush19) am not part of the recruitment team, i just posting it here in the forum.


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I guess that would be the same as asking “When will the update come out?” Nobody really knows.


They will make an announcement! :)
You can probably infer that they are making progress though! ;)

I would like to take that text am I bale to do?

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Read the rest of this thread :)

Its funny how they said it will be back up fairly soon and its benn 3 weeks

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@Blackbird71…watch pot never boil…

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Just have patience! You’ll find out when you least expect it!

Dont forget Misha :) He is the newest member of the recruiting team.

Almost 2 months :/


You need to bear in mind that the people doing this are doing it for free in their spare time.

I’m the one responsible for the testing site, and I just haven’t had time to get around to it :)