Atc test tonight

Need someone to test me on my atc knowledge not the best but want to see what I know.

Why don’t we do it together via PM? coz I’m want to do it either:)

Are you advanced atc?

No, but I have been in ATC at ATC Playground like at KUNC,KLAX,WSSS etc…
And I want to be Advanced ATC too

Well if he wants someone who can actually tell him what to work on he should ask advanced Atc becuase they are more than willing to to give feed back and advice on what to work on

You are right, but don’t you think most of them are busy for ATC work?

No you just need to pm one and they will respond. I know this because I’ve done It myself and if you ask them to give you feed back trust me you’ll learn you need a lot more practice to become advanced atc and you’ll learn some stuff too

Do you have any specific question?


See told you

What does advanced controller 1 let you do?

AC1 will allow you to control ground & tower at class bravo airports i.e. LAX

Ac1 here that can also help if needed.

Will help if needed.

Advanced controller 2

So who i gonna help me