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Hello, Im learning with the ATC manual to join soon the IFATC team. I don’t have 500 operations yet, but I would want to know if I can do the “ATC Practice Test” to check how prepared I am. (I ask because I am not sure if it is only aimed to recruits)

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I would recommend thoroughly reading all the materials available before taking even the practice test, as it will not only prepare you for the test, it will prepare you to control the expert server. When you have gone over that, then you can of course take the practice test, but be aware that this can only be taken once within 24 hours, and a maximum of two times.

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The practise test can be done twice, but you can only complete it again 24 hours after taking the first one. One thing to note, be sure to take it seriously as it can seriously help you with the real written test. The practice test covers knowledge of Ground & Tower work + controlling the patterns.

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Okay thank you guys. Anyway Im reading and understanding all the materials, I won’t do the test until I feel Im enough prepared.

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You can run practical many times, the problem is that you need to wait a long period before taking 4th or further attempts, that’s why it’s better to pass at the first two or three ones. In case of initial practical test failure, you can request official training under the direction of an IFATC Trainer (ask your recruiter for that), so you can practice in conditions similar to the test and minimize the chances of another failure as much as possible.


Where can I dind the “test?”

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