ATC telling me to check user guide

So I was taking off (callsign Shuttle 423) and tower told me to contact approach. I dont really understand why but yeah I did and requested flight following London. Then Approach told me to check user guide for ATC information. Why is this?

You should check in or request flight following, not both. Your best bet, however, is to PM the controller if you have his or her name :)

Please reference the following tutorial for more information regarding communication with ATC.


Did you check in first. If not then that’s your problem.

Because you don’t have to request flight following, you can just “check in” and continue as filed ;)

Where were you? Your callsign looks familiar, I may have been the one controlling.

Requesting flight following is only required if you’re flying VFR - so in your case, all you needed to do was check in upon departure. Also, approach can act as departure and vice versa if both aren’t active.


Ok thanks guys