ATC Tel Aviv

Hi I was just arrived into Tel Aviv and I had a difficult experience.

*Firstly the recommended STAR was supposed to be used for runway 26 I understand this could not be used because I do not understand why then we we told to approach from the south of tel Aviv and land runway 03 and 30 which are not ILS making the approach more difficult.

Due to this I had to make 2 missed approaches by the ATC due to getting vectors very close to the airport and also in the first place I was never cleared for the approach before I was told it was a missed approach.

I was also told to contact tower before I was even cleared for the approach.

If possible could you guys give me some advice if I was in the wrong so I can keep learning to perfect my infinite flight skills!
Hope you are all staying safe!

You’re best bet would be to contact the current ATC controller. The active controllers were @Beniamino and @Georgios_P. They’ve been tagged and will contact you after his/her shift ends :)


Hello, I was also in the same situation you were in earlier. While it was indeed frustrating, I understand that the layout of this airport made everyone going to 26 very difficult. Anyways, I have contacted your controller and he will pm you shortly.

Have a great day!

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Thanks a lot, you have all been very helpful.
Stay stay!

Captain Haribo


*stay safe

I was your controller. PM me and explain what happened.

This topic can be closed.

I was tower while you were flying. If you want to discuss about your flight please shoot me a pm and I will notify all other controllers.

I think that’s the best solution!

Problem solved