ATC Taxi Instructions

Hello Community!

During my brief stint as an IFATC, I’ve noticed that Infinite Flight is missing vital commands that would make controlling ground frequency easier for both pilots and controllers. Taxi instructions!

Why Do We Need This?

Suppose you are controlling a busy airport. By utilizing taxi instructions, you can tell planes exactly where to go on the ground, and you could focus on the tower or anything else. This would be useful for putting departures on one taxiway and arrivals on another. It would also help pilots that have no idea where they’re going.

How Would This Work

Let’s say a pilot calls in ready for taxi at KLAX:

American 123: LA Ground,American 123, ready to taxi
Ground: American 123, taxi to runway 25R via taxiway Charlie-9, left on Bravo, hold short of 25R, contact tower when ready.

Or for an arriving plane:

United 27: LA Ground, United 27, request taxi to parking.
Ground: United 27, taxi to gate 85 via taxiway Kilo, Charlie-8, right on charlie, left on Charlie-7, good day.

I know what you’re thinking, “How would anybody know where to go?” So I propose to also add a mini taxi map to the existing map. When taxi instructions are issued, the a purple line appears, guiding you to either the runway or your gate, similar to how a hold pattern works with approach.

On the controller’s end it would also work like approach. When a plane calls ready to taxi, the controller simply “drags” that plane to the runway.

I feel like this would make controlling busy airports a lot less hectic and it would add tons of realism to ground.

Be sure to leave a vote, and comment on what you think could be improved. :)

This is much more than simple instructions.

  • Map
  • Signage

It is a great idea and would definitely bring more realism, the problem is that it would cause much confusion with inexperienced pilots…


I like the idea of dragging the taxi route for the aircraft to take. Would there still be an option for a basic taxi command (eg. taxi to runway 25R, contact tower when ready) when the frequency is busy? Great request!


Should not really be too difficult, you could use airport charts to find the taxiways.


The problem with that is that the majority of pilots are too lazy to have the chart in front of them.


Progressive Taxi is the term you’re looking for. That would take care of the explanation.


Isn’t that the function in FSX that shows you where to go on the taxiways?


Something that would help with that though is if one of the map options was a chart for the airport you are at. That would reduce pilots being lazy I guess as you could just look down at the minimal to make sure you are in the right place.

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Maybe it could be something found only on the expert server?


Dunno about FSX, but probably.

It’s an aviation term, not native to FSX, though.

Pretty sure ATC in RWA can give progressive taxi to pilots unfamiliar with the airport. But, that would be highly inefficient in IF. Not sure how this could be used other than dragging the taxi route on the map.

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Wow, I’m an idiot. Yeah, progressive taxi sounds like a great idea.

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In FSX it shows you a series of arrows on the ground, pointing you where to go.


In IF? No.

In RWA, they always do at major airports.


Lol I remember a podcast with @Aernout where he mention ‘the greens’ at Heathrow. That would be a good way for newbie pilots to taxi, but it would probably require more work to get into the sim. The current suggestion seems much easier, but the greens would be newbie pilot friendly.

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Whoops, should’ve put that in the reply. Yes, I meant in RWA.

That’s what I’m thinking about.

Agree, but also on Expert server there are people, who still taxi to the wrong runway despite of a given instruction…


That’s what I think this would help with.