ATC Taxi full length command

I noticed LAX Tower was saying taxi full length to aircraft on live atc. This would be a nice command for both ground and tower to tell aircraft. It also prevents aircraft from getting takeoff clearance before an aircraft that’s doing a full length departure that’s been waiting.


Ohh those intersection departures eh? But still people won’t follow lol

Use “no intersection departures” as an alternative

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Yes but I’m pretty sure that’s broadcast message. It would be nice to talk directly to the aircraft because they might not hear or read the message atc broadcasted. To make sure they know there’s no intersection departures they would have to click “acknowledge” and you as atc would know that they saw your command

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You can broad cast the message if you do it on their strip. This way their message shows up

Especially at KSAN

Assuming they even know what an intersection departure is

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Let’s hope they know then… Lol

No its not a Broadcast Message. You directly talk with the aircraft