ATC System Error [Not human Error]

Sometimes when I’m interacting with ATC, my headphone icon in the bottom right will flash as if I’m receiving an ATC message even though it shows a null message in the bottom right receiver. I am also able to reply to this null message and also does nothing and says I sent another null message to ATC. Not sure if it’s a bug or ATC instructions aren’t transmitting to me correctly.

There are some messages that ATC will send but that don’t require a reply on your behalf. Usually just opening the ATC menu will make the icon stop flashing. Do you happen to have any screen shots of the dialogue? This will help us try to diagnose what the issue might be.


It just has the normal formatting saying a new message from ATC like:

[Time] [other formatting: [message] (from atc)

And the message value will just be empty

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