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Hello Community.

I recently tuned in to Tower to request a landing at Runway 27, and the controller tells me to check community instructions. What have I missed?

Solution: Request for landing below 10,000ft

I’d suggest that you PM the tower controller for further information about the issue

Have done but still no reply. Usually I follow what I always do and I haven’t had a problem with that

Ok did you do everything that the ATC told you?

Not being rude

I contacted Tower and said that I’d like to land at Runway 24 and they replied check community forums.

Oh ok that might mean that the runway you requested in this case RWY27 might’ve been overcrowded

Was RWY27 open or closed

All solved, I was supposed to request landing at below 10,000ft

A moderator can close this, thank you.

You’re welcome @Cpt_Scott 😉

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