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I have noticed recently that whenever there is an issue of any kind relating to any area of infinite flight, the default response is to contact @moderators. I have also noticed that there will sometimes be topics saying that the group hasn’t responded to them to which the default response will be they are busy and they will respond whenever free.

I then thought about what moderators have to do in a day. This list includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Moderate Topics on the IFC
  • Moderate the IFATC Discord Server
  • Moderate the IFVARB
  • Handle Appeals
  • Handle ATC complaints
  • Handle App complaints
  • Settle Disputes in PM’s
  • Moderate the skies of Infinite Flight
  • etc

That list can get pretty hefty for them to handle and of course, I can’t speak for them but it sounds like a lot. I propose that there is a group that can handle ATC complaints on the forum to take at least a little load off the moderators.

Internally, all issues we have in IFATC or questions would be handled by an ATC Supervisor. If need be, it would be escales to moderators but usually primarily, Supervisors handled it.

Since a few members already have the IFATC Supervisor tag on the forum, maybe there could be a group of them that handles ATC complaints. Of course moderators would still be a part of that group but the load could be lifted.

How do you guys feel about that?


I really like the idea. I’m neither a supervisor nor a mod, let alone IFATC, but I do see lots of benefit to come from this. Hope to see this implemented at some point.

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Sounds like a great idea. I can’t imagine the amount of appeal the moderators get every week, an ATC Supervisor tag would benefit a lot!

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Agreed. Just as a PSA to everyone, this isn’t to disrespect the work of the moderators and they do a fabulous job. This is just an idea to lighten the load

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Great idea considering that Infinite Flight has seen an x2 server boost since the middle of March. This, as many of you may guess, means x2 the amount of inquires, etc. This is a great idea. And for those of you who don’t know, every IFATC supervisor can be found by doing @supervisors. Nice PSA, Drummer.

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