ATC Suggestions!

Hi there, I’m Erisson, from Brazil and I was a virtual controller at Vatsim. I’m glad to discover that Infinite Flight have a great community as well. Based on my recent controlling experience. I would like to make some suggestions if I may to improve the Atc service.

ATC Communication - in Vatsim we use actual ‘voice’ commands to the pilots, and we’re in constant contact with the other facilities keeping them update regarding the RWY in use, any delays, etc… E.g. Ground, Tower, Approach, Center via chat and audio as well.

With that being said, a case that communication would greatly improve the service I’ve experienced at KNUC - San Clemente Island NALF, while sequencing the traffic to RWY 24, when suddenly you would find a lonely aircraft on the other side on RWY 06 requesting departure, forcing you change your game plan. For the Controllers out here, what you usually do?
So if you could have way to reach other facilities like Ground Control or Approach to advise them of a delay e.g. Like I experience on PG the aircraft just stop on the threshold. If we had any Approach online, I would reach out to him to delay the traffic until the situation would be resolved.
Sorry about the long post.



People don’t go to the other end of a runway on the advanced server. You sound pretty experienced, why don’t you contact a recruiter to join IFATC. Also we have a discord group and it has some separate channels that can be used for say KLAX ground to talk to KLAX tower and so on. We currently do have a third party voice application called Zello. If you download that then post on the forum that you are opening somewhere people will come and it’s a bit like Vatsim.( You must do Zello on FF server though.

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