ATC suggestions for Grade 1 Pilots

Although I just actually joined the forum today, I have been flying on Infinite Flight for about two years now–and it wasn’t until recently that I started to dabble with the ATC servers. Having completed ground school, advanced ATC training (real-world) and expensive research and studying on both topics, I quickly thought of a few suggestions to help new pilots integrate into using the ATC system. Thankfully enough, IF created multiple servers that enables users of different levels to gain a certain level of familiarization with the server, and flying with other users in real-time in order to help them get the most out of their experience as well as gaining the necessary knowledge to move up to the next level. Initially the first thought that came to my mind had to do with beginner pilots understanding basic rules of flight (taxiing, take-off, IFR/VFR/GPS, restrictions and landing). Without getting into too much of the nitty-gritty, beginner pilots that have an understanding of these basic concepts (without having to read hours of manuals and guidelines online) could improve their experience on IF in two ways: 1- better overall flight experience with a real world approach, 2- better ATC’s (for those who decide they want to run control-tower-ground-dep) at an airport; and in turn creating a better lifelike environment on the servers within IF. To do this though, we would need to come up with a basic tutorial that would happen during an actual flight that could be facilitated online (1 ATC (advanced), and say 3-5 beginner pilots in Group-1). It would be conducted in the same manner fly-ins are, with the exception being a controller would have a max of 5 beg. pilots at a given airport to run though taxi-takeoff-landing. I understand there are tutorials and flight instructions built into the app itself, but utilizing the Playground server to educate those who want to participate is something that would bring even more realism to the game both for those learning and those who are experienced. Further logistics could be worked out to go over ATC-pilot comms via the dialogue box to ensure the users are familiar with where that communication takes place, and how to respond to ATC instructions etc. Many different topics, ideas and procedures can be further discussed if this is of any interest to those wanting more out of their experience on IF- just would take the right amount of setup and interest. All of us have learned in a variety of different ways, and each can bring a different piece to the table to help in the overall experience that users have while flying or controlling…-Best of luck and enjoy the friendly skies

-Justin Minor


Welcome to the forum, and I like how you propose this, like a virtual school basically.

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Thank you @Sturmovik, hopefully as a community we will be able to bring this to light. Looking forward to getting more involved on here with everyone.

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I started using Live recently, and the first thing I was told was to listen the ATC. Some commands are intuitive, like pushback and taxi and takeoff/immediate take off, so I’d emphasize on other commands.

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I like the idea @scottymcdanish, I was actually thinking of something along those lines myself. Like @Captain_Skywalker said, there are a ton of tutorial videos and topics on here to help people:

But I like this for a couple of reasons. 1) A lot of people are hands on. Some may be lazy and just not want to do the research, but some might just need guidance on stuff. 2) It’ll help us identify new members who are both worth our time and it’ll help point out the dummys just farting around.

I think it would be great if we could get a small group like you said of 5 or so pilots with a controller, and it would be nice if we could get everything into a Slack group or some other message/chat service while we’re on IF so we can help communicate what we’re trying to get across. I went ahead and started up a Slack group ( I had never heard of Slack until a couple of days ago though). I probably won’t be able to head this thing up and run with it but I would be willing to help out if this is something that people wanted to give a shot


@Griever Thank you for the input, I will be able to head this up and I have drafted up what I think will be a great plan on executing this idea. I was aware of videos, tutorials etc on flying and ATC prior to my post; however, as you pointed out, it would be great to have an actual hands on experience for those willing to learn more from those of us with that knowledge. All in all, the purpose is to create that realistic experience for more and more users on IF. I have a few other ideas as well, regarding more advanced users, I’d like to get in touch with those users on here and brainstorm some ideas I have. Looking forward to all of this.

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Sounds good. Like I said I’m in so keep me informed

I met several Grade 1 pilots and I can tell you they know nothing about the commands.

I tell them to contact TWR, they request taxi when they are already taxiing to the RWY.
I tell them to takeoff and they request taxi (yes, again!)
I tell them to do this, they do that…

Man they really should read up the tutorials before even starting their career in PG…

Idk but so far with the grade 1s I met, they have followed instructions better than some grade 3s lol

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