ATC Suggestion

Infinite flight team I know you guys are working hard in making this game great for its users, but I felt the need to put this out there just in case you will take it into consideration one day.

My suggestion is to have a way, probably a chat section where the tower controller can communicate with app/dep controllers to coordinate the traffics. We can at least have this feature in the expert server since it’s a more professional environment.


Hiya! We have some great news. Our Expert Server controllers in IFATC utilize Slack to coordinate and communicate with each other. You can learn more about the app that we use here: Slack App It’s a great tool for us and it’s been working well for a few years now. Hope this clears up your inquiry.


It does thank you.

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If air traffic control is something you are interested in we invite you to have a look at this thread IFATC Recruiting. We are always seeking qualified members to join in our efforts. If you have any further questions we would be glad to assist. Thanks again Randy.


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