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I think tower should have the option to be able to vector departing aircraft before switching to departure. Like clear for takeoff after takeoff turn right heading… that way when you control a single runway airport and you have an SR22 departing in front of a Airbus A320 you can vector the cirrus off so you can depart the Airbus faster. Just a thought tho.


Even if it was just automatically “fly runway heading” when straight out departures are on in ATIS that would be amazing. When controlling as IFATC so many people don’t honor straight out deps.


I think it would be an awesome tool for a tower controller to have. Help make everything flow smoother. That’s how they do it in real life. Well at least where I take my classes at.

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Definitely. When tower clears AC IRL they almost always include instructions for what to do after takeoff.

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The more real they make it the better it is!

Agreed, I feel like no one knows what a straight out departure is…


Is this a feature request? If so, it belongs in #features, but you cannot post there because you are not yet Trust Level 2. Keep reading and writing helpful posts and you’ll be there in no time. Here is a topic about TLs worth checking out;

Also, I made this reply a while ago, and it’s one of my top liked, also on the topic of Trust Levels, so that may be worth a look too.

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Feature request or not, I like the idea. Always up for a bit of realism, and the ATC system is starting to severely lack just that. Nice idea!


Thanks guys! Im new here and trying to build my trust level. I’m pretty new to the whole forum thing. I’ll learn in time where to correctly post things. Thank you for the help tho!


True, I think this idea would be followed way more than the current straight out departures in the ATIS. It seems most people don’t read the ATIS and immediately switch to ground, I could go one about this but thats for a different conversation. Giving pilots “such and such, winds 240 at 12, fly runway heading, runway 24, cleared for takeoff” when clearing them for takeoff would hopefully help this situation. Who knows how long runway heading would be flown though, to the end of the cone or for 5 seconds until NAV is turned on?

A problem with this idea, if the departing aircraft says they are remaining in the pattern but aren’t, most likely you wouldn’t be able to give runway heading commands for pattern work only to see a pilots v/s keep constant through pattern altitude and their heading changes.


Glad to see people agree with it tho. There’s always problems that arise with inexperience pilots. I just wondered what everybody else thoughts were on it. I really enjoy being ATC on here.

There are a number of ATC enhancements that have been requested over time and this is one of them. Tyler has gone through many sticky note pads with ideas.

We will get there…


Spot on Mason. Ideally the instruction would be fly rw hdg for 10nm or something. To the outside airspace ring basically.

I also wish that if people had a flight plan and they requested to remain in the pattern there would be a confirmation question. Although perhaps people would just click through that. I think people pick it now because it is one less click than departing…

PS - I know people can remain in the pattern and then continue to their destination. In theory. In 14,000 ATC operations I don’t think I have ever seen anyone other than another IFATC member actually do it.

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I don’t think that missing atc commands is the primary impediment to increase atc realism on expert. :-)

That said I look forward continued progress!

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No no, this is true. But as they say, it’s the little things in life that make the difference - this is a little thing, but lots of little things, little bits of attention to detail, will make a huge difference to the immersion on the ATC system!

As you say though, continued progressed is eagerly awaited!


Completely agree!


I think first the pilot must respect what ATC said (I talk about training server) because we have so much pilot do not respect what ATC said and it’s really bad because we can report him

First two planes while controlling LEBL exhibited both problems discussed in this thread.

Request taxi while sitting at a gate (not a remote stand). Tower cam confirms.

Reporting Remaining in the Pattern and then depart immediately.

All good - it is part of the IFATC deal - but I was amused both popped up immediately in the first two AC. :)

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It’s a great idea although I would say you need departure control since ATC would assume responsibility for terrain avoidance and App/Dep controllers have training for this. The tower could agree with departure for a standard departure vector on departure though. I like it overall.


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