ATC suddenly online when on Final

A few days ago, I was flying VDPP to RCTP on the Training Server, and Tower suddenly went online as I was on final, and told me to request for clearance before landing. Or something like that. So, I am not sure what should I do if this happens on Expert.

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I assume they on-guard you while you were on final? Do not worry. IFATC do not on-guard aircraft’s on final when they just started their session.


Also, if I suddenly disconnected, and I reconnected on final would I get any reports, as I couldn’t access ATC while I was disconnected.

Hmm 🤔

I know TS is not the right place to have the proper ATC.

Yes so why make this topic? Anyone can control, there’s no rules or official controllers and people don’t know what they’re doing. It is to be expected.

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Traditionally if ATC sees you on final as they come online, they’d clear you for the option providing it is safe to do so. If you have time to call inbound, great.

Happy to be corrected on that…

This actually shouldn’t happen on the Expert Server. IFATC know that we should not on guard and aircraft on short final when we come on as the pilot is in a very crucial stage of flight and taking time to tune in, say their intentions, and reply to ATC is not good at that point.


This won’t, like other people have said. a few months ago I was about 2 miles out of MCO when Tower went online, he ended up have the ATIS set up for the other direction, but he just let me land normally because I was on final


The answer to your question as to what to do is that if you have time to, tune in and request landing. If you do not, like if you’re on short final, tune in then report position. Very short final, just focus on landing.


You do whatever ATC tells you to do, because they’re the professional. Sometimes IFATC can deviate from the rules a little but they know best, and you simply need to respond if they prompt you.

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Usually they will just let you land and then send you an on guard when you are about to exit the runway. IFATC are trained to allow people do finish what they are doing before starting any operations.
Hope this helped 🤗

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I think the point has been made. We are to the point of saying the same thing in different ways.