ATC study book or article

Is there anything like a book or online book I could read and study for IFATC

There’s many great tutorials made in the Infiniteflight related YouTube channels. I don’t have a link but I’m sure someone else will link something for you ;)

Here you go :)

Yeah but like one big this not a whole bunch of things

I have my 543 operations and I wanted to start the process

That is the majority of infinite flights ATC system, its considerably small compared to real world standards.

Is basic user trust level one

Basic User is TL1, yes. TL2 is member, TL3 is Regular, and TL4 is mod/staff.

Okay I’m tl2

Also suggest getting a tracking thread going that way the ifc can join you in training. Many IFATC pay attention for those threads being open to help out

Check out “tracking threads” for examples

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Here are some things I did before making it to IFATC, this is just one of many other ways to practice.

  • Start an ATC tracking thread
  • Contact a trainer for training (or submit a training form)
  • Watch Tyler’s videos (found in Tutorials section)
  • Practice Practice Practice!
  • Try approach and departure, don’t just do tower and ground
    And here are some good airports on TS1:
  • EHAM (App/Dep)
  • KVAD (Ground/Tower)
  • EDDL (tower/Ground)
  • KSSC (Tower/Ground)
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